Butterfly Surveys

Butterflies are indicator species. This means they can be used to monitor the health of the local environment, and also govern how you manage a site for wildlife.

peacock-inachis-io-25-3-11-rooksbury-mill Most Butterfly species with a few exceptions are on the decline in the UK. To understand why and how we can protect them, surveys are important.

small-tortoiseshell-butterfly-aglais-urticae-12-4-14_04dMany TARCA members help Test Valley Borough Council with their Butterfly Transect surveys on the Local Nature Reserves (Anton Lakes, Rooksbury Mill and Ladies Walk Meadows).

A Butterfly Transect has also been set up at Harmony Woods, a site owned and managed by Andover Trees United (http://www.andovertrees.org.uk/Andover_Trees/Home.html).

orange-tip-anthocharis-cardamines-12-5-13-wickes-meadowThe walks for the surveys typically take around one hour of slow walking, recording each species seen, and how many in each divided area.

All this data feeds into Butterfly Conservation (http://butterfly-conservation.org/). If you wish to take part in the local surveys please contact us for more details.


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