Environmental Statement

Environmental Policy Statement: The Anton River Conservation Association (TARCA)

TARCA is committed to improving and safeguarding the environment. The statements below outline our views and practices.

Opening statement

TARCA recognises that it has an impact on the local, regional and global environment and that the choices we make as an association affect other people’s environment as well as our own. TARCA is aware of the impact of all activities on the environment, along with the communities we work in. This policy sets out our approach to managing and limiting such impacts.

TARCA is committed to implementing the requirements of all relevant environmental legislation and regulations and where possible exceeding any minimum requirements.

Committed to educating our communities

TARCA are aware that this environmental policy will be most effective if all members know about it and how it applies to them. We also understand that it is important to use this policy to educate others outside TARCA on the importance of protecting the environment. This policy illustrates the association’s ambition to follow sound environmental practices and highlights our commitment to educating other people about the work of the association as well as the importance of sustainable environmental management.

Purchasing policy

TARCA is committed to purchasing environmentally sensitive products where practical. Focusing on the purchase of products with high recycled content, those that are easy to repair and are energy efficient (where applicable), non-toxic and recyclable.

Waste management

TARCA will follow the basic principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle in managing its impact on the environment. TARCA will look to minimise any waste produced and will reuse and repair materials where possible. Where materials cannot be used, all efforts will be made to recycle as much of the product as possible.


Pre printed paper can be used for draft printing and recycled paper will be used wherever possible for all of the association’s publicity and organisational materials.


TARCA supports and promotes wherever possible the use of public transport, bicycles, walking and other kinds of transport that minimises the impact on the environment. Wherever practical, car sharing to access tasks and meetings will be actively encouraged.


This environmental policy will be reviewed by TARCA annually at the association’s Annual General Meeting. This review will ensure that the policy is still relevant and where necessary changes will be made to update its contents.

Date 15/01/2011

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