Moth Surveys

TARCA every year has a series of Moth trap demonstrations on the Local Nature Reserves.

These are normally led by Graeme DavisĀ  with the help of Mervyn Grist and other volunteers. The aim is to promote the amazing world of moths and their importance to man and the environment.

Results of these demos will be published on this page in future.More comprehensive lists are held by Graeme Davis.

You can also book Private moth traps with Graeme Davis. We are always looking for new sites to get data from, this can be your back garden, or woodland you own, or anywhere we can get permission to trap. We trapped several gardens in 2016, and even have a regular trapping at a local school and business.

Happy to trap for free (though donations welcome). A report of the results will be created for your own records. The only thing required is transport to and from the site with the equipment, and power for the trap (mains, or we can bring our own generator).

Please be aware the trap is very bright and will be left on over night to empty in the morning, you will need understanding neighbours! Please email us, or Facebook us to book in a trapping

moth-trap-22-8-15-vitacressabbotts-annFor more information onĀ  Butterfly & Moth Conservation contact Butterfly Conservation


Green Silver-lines Moth (Pseudoips prasinana) 21.7.13.Rooksbury Millladies-walk-2016ladies-walk-sept-2016-actinicrooksbury-mill-sept-2016anton-lakes-sept-2016rooksbury-june-2016rooksbury-june-2016-part-2vitacress-june-2016vutacress-june-2016-part-2vitacress-june-2016-field-recordsSeptember Moth results 2015.RooksAugust Moth survey 2015.vitacressJuly Moth survey Anton 2015.MercuryJuly Moth trap result Anton 2015.actinicJune Moth Suvey 2015.Ladies walk.MVJune Moth Survey 2015.Ladies Walk.ActinicMothsurveyLadiesWalk2014MothsurveyVitacress2014MothsurveyAnton2014MothsurveyRooks2014anton-lakes-moth-sept-2013Mothsurveyrooks2013Moth results2012

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