The Riverfly Partnership

TARCA are now monitoring river temperature around Andover in collaboration with The Wessex ChalkStream & Rivers Trust. This will show temperature influences on our local invertbrates.

The Wessex ChalkStream & Rivers Trust –

Three loggers were installed in autumn 2013 and severe floods gave rise to anxiety over their fate. Two loggers were recovered successfully in spring 2014 and the third was lost for a while but re-discovered in summer 2014. All loggers operated satisfactorily. In spring 2015 they will be re-set at the same sites to compare localised differences in river temperature during the summer.

As in other local chalk streams, the river temperature is expected to reflect some influences of groundwater input which naturally declines through the drier summer months. The upper Anton temperature regime is also expected to be modified by urban development, tree-shading and lake impoundment.

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